Self-Exclusion is exactly as the name suggests – it’s an agreement between you and Mindil Beach Casino Resort to exclude you from entering the casino.

Self-Exclusion is available for a minimum of three months, but it can be longer if requested. You can choose to be excluded from the entire Mindil Beach Casino Resort premises, all gaming areas, or individual gaming areas, such as TAB, Keno, gaming machines, or table games.

What is the Process?

If you want to undertake Self-Exclusion, contact Mindil Beach Casino Resort.

After considering the information provided, you’ll need to meet with our Gambling Liaison Officer, who’ll take you through the quick process.

Self-Exclusion is discreet, and all information you provide to us is confidential.

Your rights and responsibilities

Suppose you’ve chosen to exclude yourself from specific areas within Mindil Beach Casino Resort. In that case, you must advise us if you wish to enter any areas you aren’t banned from before doing so. If you gamble in an area you’re banned from, please understand that you do so at your own risk. Mindil Beach Casino Resort will use its best efforts to identify you and intervene, but we won’t be liable for any losses you may suffer.

Our rights and responsibilities

If you want to self-exclude, we’ll provide information about help that’s available to you. We’ll remove your name from our mailing lists promoting gaming activity during your period of Self-Exclusion.

If you’re discovered in or attempting to enter an area you are excluded from, Mindil Beach Casino Resort will take all reasonable steps to intervene and prevent you from gambling. This can include preventing you from entering the area or escorting you from the premises.

Self Exclusion Notice

If you wish to go ahead, please contact a Mindil Beach Casino Resort representative to obtain a Self-Exclusion.