How to Play Way Bet

Allows you to play more than one Spot and/or jackpot on a single ticket and game, similar to the Superplay, but where you can choose your numbers.

Ways are created by combining one or more groups of numbers. Each way represents a separate bet on the ticket.

You may only select ways totalling 1-40 numbers. It is not possible to have the same number in more than one group. 

Choose the numbers you would like and mark each group with A, B, C, D, etc. You may only select ways totalling 1 to 40 Spots.

You can mark your own numbers into groups to form all possible Spot combinations from your groups if you play ALL WAYS, or you can choose your OWN WAYS for your choice of which Spots to play.

It is the amount of numbers correctly matched in each way selected that determine your prize, not the total numbers you match.

NTKeno | How to Play - Waybet

Standard Games and Jackpot Games are when you choose which Spot or Jackpot game to play by sectioning your favourite numbers.

Jackpots are when you select 6,7,8,9, 10 numbers, all of your selected numbers must be drawn to win the Jackpot but you can win smaller amounts if only some of your numbers are drawn. Each jackpot starts at different amount and accrues over time till it is won, when it will reset.


Standard games are when you select numbers 1,2,3,4,5,15, 20, or 40 and where you can win a fixed amount rather than a Jackpot.

You can also win without matching any numbers if you select 10,15,20 or 40 numbers.