Responsible Gaming

At Mindil Beach Casino Resort, we’re committed to encouraging responsible gambling practices. Our aim is to deliver entertainment in a safe and positive environment, with a variety of experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Our Responsible Gaming Mission Statement

The Responsible Gambling Code of Practice reflects a partnership between Northern Territory gambling providers, government regulators and counselling services. This partnership is essential to managing gambling services provided by the Northern Territory gambling licensees. It represents a whole–of–industry commitment to best practice in the provision of responsible gambling.

The mandated, minimum return to player on electronic gaming machines in the Northern Territory is 85%.

Mindil Beach Casino Resort provides a range of table games where the return to player reasonably varies between a maximum of 98.7% and minimum of 93%. ;

Help Is At Hand

The secret to winning is knowing when to stop.

For most people, gaming is an enjoyable part of their leisure activities. However, we acknowledge that it can cause problems.

Signs of a gambling problem can include:

  • When gambling makes home life unhappy
  • When you feel remorse after gambling
  • When bills go unpaid
  • When you borrow money to play
  • When you desire to win back losses
  • When you gamble to escape worry or trouble
  • When you change your sleeping or eating habits due to gambling
  • When you consider or commit an illegal act to finance gambling
  • When you think of harming yourself as a result of gambling

If you or someone you care about shows signs and symptoms of problem gambling, Mindil Beach Casino Resort urges you to seek assistance using these helpful programs.

Learn more about Self-Exclusion and Problem Gambling Assistance.