How To Play Texas Hold’Em Bonus

The Aim

Also known as Texas Hold’em Progressive Poker, the aim of Texas Hold’Em Bonus is to use any combination of your two cards and the five community cards to make the best 5 card Poker hand that beats the dealers.

You also have access to additional side bets that could exponentially catapult your winnings!

The Table

Texas Hold'em Bonus Table Layout | Learn How To Play Texas Hold'em Bonus


Ante - The initial wager that commences the game

Hole Cards - The original two cards dealt to each Player and Dealer

Bonus - A side bet that is won or lost only using your 2-hole cards.

Jackpot Hand - A jackpot hand is a flush or better.

Jackpot Bet - A $2.50 bet placed prior to the hand being dealt that will win only if you achieve a flush or better using your 2-hole cards and the flop. This bet will still be paid even if the dealer beats your hand.

Check - Where the Player does not make a wager but remains in the round of play

Flop - First three community cards that are exposed simultaneously

Turn - The fourth community card

River - The fifth community card

Let's Play

  1. Place a compulsory wager on the Ante and optional wagers on the “Jackpot” and “Bonus” betting areas.
  2. After you receive your two cards, decide whether you want to bet 2x your ante to see the “Flop” or fold and lose everything you have bet so far.
  3. If you folded, you sit out the rest of the game and wait for the next game. If you bet to see the “Flop” you can now assess your hand and decide if you would like to bet 1x your ante to bet on the “Turn” or “Check” and see the “Turn” for free.
  4. Now either bet 1x your ante on the “River” betting circle or opt to check to see the last card for free.
  5. Now the dealer will take over and expose their cards and make the best 5 card hand for the house. They will then check all live players cards to check for winners and losers.
  6. Players who win will receive payouts of 1:1 on the “Flop”, “Turn” and “River” wagers and if they had a “Flush” or above they will win 1:1 on their ante.
  7. Players who won on the “Bonus” or “Jackpot” bets will be paid out to the specific odds.

Order of Betting

  1. Place an ante bet. Optionally place a Jackpot and Bonus bet before the game starts
  2. After seeing your cards, either bet 2x on your ante or fold
  3. Check or bet the same amount that you bet on your ante on the Turn
  4. Check or bet the same amount that you bet on your ante on the river
  5. The dealer will find the best hand and pay or take accordingly


Winning Bonus Hands (Hole Cards) Pays
A-A in Player’s hand and A-A in Dealer’s Hand 1000 to 1
Ace-Ace 30 to 1
Ace-King (Suited) 25 to 1
Ace-Q or Ace-J (Suited) 20 to 1
Ace-K (Unsuited) 15 to 1
K-K or Q-Q or J-J 10 to 1
A-Q or A-J (Unsuited) 5 to 1
10-10 to 2-2 3 to 1


Winning Betting Areas Pays
Ante Wager 1 to 1 Only if hand is ranked flush or higher
Flop Wager 1 to 1
Turn Wager 1 to 1
River Wager 1 to 1


Progressive Jackpot Pays
Royal Flush 100% of Jackpot
Straight Flush 10% of Jackpot
4 of a kind Pays $1,250
Full Houser Pays $375
Flush Pays $250